Electric Boat DVD - Part 1

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Part I... an overview - DVD
45 minutes
Did you know electric powered boats were popular in the late 1800's; that they can reach speeds in the 70 MPH bracket; that they have probably the most environmentally friendly boat propulsion system? Learn all about these craft in THE ELECTRIC BOAT-PART I, a general overview of electric boats, their propulsion systems, and how they work. The DVD begins with a brief history of electric boats and the general hull lines of such craft and the various motors and drive systems that are used. You will be shown: How the speed is controlled using the electronic "blackbox" controller and a potentiometer or simple dial. How direction is controlled manually or electronically. Basic formulas are given to find boat speed, battery duration, voltage versus amperage, along with discussions of wiring and multiple battery bank diagrams. Also covered are electrical vehicle batteries, types of cable and wires, crimping cable ring eyes, and series connections, battery chargers as well as the helm control consoles and instrumentation used on electric boats.