Electric Boat DVD - Part 2

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DVD - Part II... how to build three electric boats
45 minutes
ELECTRIC BOAT-PART II shows and describes building three electric boats, using the Stitch-N-Glue method, each with a different drive system.The first boat shown is the 15'7" LO VOLTAGE, a striking mahogany deck launch with a central helm console, powered with a surplus golf cart motorand related parts running through the electric drive (ED). ED uses the lower portion of an outboard motor with the electric motor to make a fully contained drive system that is an integral part of the boat and pivots for steering. The video illustrates how easy ED is to make and its feasibility to power most boats.The second featured craft is the 13'7" AMP EATER, a four place open utility launch powered with an inboard mounted 1/2 HP electric inboard motor, belt driven by a prop, with shaft running through an underwater skeg. Details on how the boat is built, the propulsion system installed, and how the electronic system controls the motor speed and direction of rotation are all shown.

The 17' POWERYAK is a two passenger kayak powered with an electric trolling motor (ETM) converted and modified, with the submerged powerhead projecting through the boat bottom and the tiller/control separated and mounted forward. Building the ETM motor mount and control bracket is shown and described in detail as is each facet of building the boat.