Raven Notes


The speeds listed below are approximate and not guaranteed. They are based on the listed displacement and may vary if displacement (weight) varies. All speeds assume well-faired hulls driving through properly sized propellers with suitable gearing to match the power and torque curves of the engine in question. All speeds are in knots per hour. To convert to miles per hour, divide by .87. Horsepower is given as constant 24-hour rated SHAFT HORSEPOWER (SHP); NOT brake horsepower (BHP), nor intermittent ratings. If only BHP is known, multiply this figure by .70 for approximate constant SHP. Figures assume S.A.E. methods. If ratings given in D.I.N., these will be about 8% less than S.A.E. If ratings given in KW, this will give ratings about 75% of BHP (S.A.E.) ratings. In all cases, it makes no difference if the engine is diesel or gasoline powered.

23' 0" x 19' 4" x 4000 lbs.
34 shp 13 knots
46 shp 15 knots
60 shp 17 knots
76 shp 19.5 knots
95 shp 22 knots
135 shp 26 knots
185 shp 31 knots
240 shp 35 knots

Raven sections drawing