#101/102 a trailerable off shore cruiser with a classic design Build in FIBERGLASS

Length overall (on deck) 22'-0"
Length overall (including bowsprit) 25'-0"
Waterline length 19'-2"
Beam 8'-0"
Freeboard forward 4'-2"
Freeboard aft 2'-10"
Draft 3'-0"
Height (to cabin top) 8'-0"
Displacement 5100 lbs.
Ballast weight 1775 lbs.
Cabin headroom 5'-10" to 6'-0"
Cockpit well 4'-3" x 23" fwd, 18" aft
Fuel capacity 13 gals.
Water capacity 50 gals.
Sleeping accommodations 4
Sail area - Masthead rig: Main-117 sq. ft.
Foretriangle-126 sq. ft.
Total: 243 sq. ft.
Sail area - Gaff rig: Main-174 sq. ft.
Jib-76 sq. ft.,
Total: 250 sq. ft.
Hull type: Round bilge, full keel hull, designed for "one-off" fiberglass or strip-planked wood construction.
Sail type: Masthead or gaff sloop
Power: Transom-mounted outboard or inboard engine, 250 lbs. max., 5 to 10 bhp.
Trailer: Designed for use with Glen-L Series 6000 boat trailer plans.

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