Bull's-Eye Sprit Hardware Notes


See Instructions pp. 13-15

  • 1. Gudgeons and pintles and rudder stop
  • 2. Gooseneck
  • 3. Jam cleats for belaying snotter, halyard, outhaul on boom, peak line to sprit boom (optional)
  • 4. Eye strap for tying mainsheet line
  • 5. Mainsheet blocks with eye straps
  • 6. Sprit block with eye strap (mount on forward side of mast)
  • 7. (not identified on drawing) 5/16" line used for controlling mainsheet
    1/4" line used for throat halyard, snotter (deadends at hole in sprit boom, up through sprit block to cleat near base of mast), peak [see p. 15 of Instructions]
  • 8. Masthead sheave and pin
  • 9. Traveler block (double block rides on traveler and mainsheet line)
  • 10. (not shown) Hardware for mast support beam.
  • 11. Traveler hardware: 1 fairlead installed in each corner knee (#10 in plans), 1/4" line is knotted through fairlead, threads through traveler block, opposite fairlead and ties to cleat on transom.
  • 12. Swivel block on mounting plate. Mounts on trunk top. Deluxe substitutes pivoting cam cleat.