Lord Nelson-FG
Lord Nelson-PW

a 33' world cruising sailboat Build in PLYWOOD

Length overall (on deck) 33'-1" (10.08 M)
Length overall (with bowsprit) 37'-6"
Length waterline 26'-4" (8.03 M)
Beam 11'-1" (3.38 M)
Draft 5'-0" (1.52 M)
Freeboard forward 5'-3"
Freeboard aft 3'-10"
Height (board up to cabin top) 4'-3"
Displacement (at D.W.L.) 16,200 lbs.
Ballast weight 6500 lbs.
Cabin headroom 6' to 6'-5"
Fuel capacity (*) 60 gals.
Water capacity (*) 110 gals.
Sleeping accommodations 4-6
Sail area Main - 298 sq. ft.
Foretriangle - 353 sq. ft.
Total - 651 sq. ft.
Hull type: Hull type: Round bilge hull form with fixed ballast keel. Plans available for "one-off" fiberglass construction using PVC foam sandwich core or fiberglass planking with fiberglass laminates, or for molded plywood, with cold-molded veneers as an alternate.
Ballast: Lead, iron, or steel scrap.
Sail type: Masthead cutter (double-head rig) or sloop.
Power: Single inboard diesel or gasoline engine of 10 to 20 shp.

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